Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is what I call the deluge of acronyms that geeks like to throw at you to maintain their inflated egos.


Windows Updates

Computer TLC tips. What happens if you skip updates? I can’t begin to guess how many times a customer has called to have a computer replaced, which has been running so slowly for so long that it’s been dismissed as obsolete, when the only thing wrong with it has been Windows Updates. This subject has …

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Router Configuration

The function of the Router is to act as a spokesperson for your network to the Internet. The Router takes any communications request from the “non-routable” or “private network” IP device on your network and passes it to the outside world with your single and unique WAN IP address assigned to your home or business …

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TCP/IP Basics

TCP/IP, or IP for short, is probably the most important “language” on Earth now, connecting everything together in this technologically dependent world, yet most people don’t understand it. Everyday devices like computers, telephones, printers, TVs, phones, ATMs, cash registers, gas pumps, to name a few, all communicate with each other on TCP/IP. I will attempt …

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