By Marcus Pfeiffer •

Technology is too small to see, too big to conceive, too confusing to comprehend, and too rapidly evolving to keep up with.

The Computer Industry is littered with forever-changing technical jargon that is immediately converted to even more perplexing acronyms, which themselves can be rendered obsolete as quickly as they appeared. They are the exclusive colloquialisms of nerds and are often used to make the ordinary user feel inadequate and helpless.

I call this “Alphabet Soup” and I hope to avoid it as much as practical, and where it can’t be avoided, explain it in language that we can all understand.

I’m Marcus Pfeiffer, and with almost 40 years of experience with computer hardware, software and communications, I’m going to try to clear up some of the mystery of that 21st-Century-Witchcraft that most of us have come to hate… Those damned computers!

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