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We specialize in Small to medium-sized windows-Based Computer Networks

Minimize Risk with our à la carte IT Support

A business owner can inadvertently create a multitude of tech-related issues and security risks by not investing in a professional IT support team. Without expert guidance, they may overlook crucial software updates and security patches, leaving their systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. Additionally, the absence of a proactive IT team can result in poor network configurations and inefficient hardware setups, leading to frequent system crashes and downtime. 

Inadequate data backup and recovery strategies can jeopardize critical information, while untrained employees might inadvertently compromise sensitive data through phishing scams or improper handling of digital assets. Ultimately, the absence of professional IT support can leave a business exposed to a range of avoidable technical and security pitfalls that can harm operations, reputation, and the bottom line.

We don’t just troubleshoot! We work closely with you to identify issues before they occur and proactively resolve them. That way, you can focus on growing your business and delighting your customers instead of worrying about your IT.

We help you operate more efficiently so you can collaborate and communicate as a business. The better positioned you are with your IT systems, the better able you are to outmaneuver the competition and take advantage of new opportunities. We will help you implement adaptable technical solutions to support your unique needs as a small business from system upgrades to complete overhauls!

Windows-Based Networks Support

IT Support

We provide your office with general front-line computer help desk service, conduct hardware, and software diagnostics, organize repairs, and fix computer system issues. In addition, we will serve as your technical point of contact with user groups and other IT partners for system support and deployment. We’ll also help with inquiries about the features and usage of the software, and troubleshooting.

Hardware and Software installation

Call us if you need assistance with purchasing and installing computers, printers, or other devices. To ensure effectiveness, we will coordinate the installation of new hardware and software in your office and carry out any necessary upgrades. This service includes troubleshooting and configuring PC workstations, notebooks, and accessories, such as software installations for printers and fax machines.

Updates, Troubleshooting, and Remediation

We provide setup and assistance with VPNs, Remote Access Services, and Remote Desktops and can work with you on a maintenance plan to keep your connections working and safe. We complete Microsoft security audits to help prevent cyber-attacks and information loss. In addition, we help troubleshoot errors, maintain internet connectivity, and run diagnostic tests through our secure remote login technical support services.

Corporate Configuration and Maintenance

Microsoft Servers and Workstation Installation

We design, procure, install, upgrade, and manage network and server environments. With years of experience finding the best solution for businesses, we have grown to understand the varying demands and goals of varying industries. We will get to know you and your business, then lean on our expertise to find the best workstation and server requirements for your IT infrastructure.

Ethernet Cabling and Terminations

Are you looking for network cabling in Hamilton or the surrounding areas? We will get your project done efficiently, while simultaneously making it look clean and organized.  We take great pride in all our cabling jobs to ensure that you are proud to walk into your server room or open your data cabinet because it looks professional, organized, and easy to manage.


IP Telephony Cabling

IP telephony is a digital solution that replaces landline phone networks and telephone systems and uses your internet connection for calls instead. It can be an excellent solution for small businesses and a cost saver.  Your provider will tell you what you need to get it to work; however, you must also ensure that the cabling infrastructure is in place. If you’re lacking cabling, we can take care of this for you.

P2P Wireless

P2P (point-to-point) wireless is a “line of sight” data connection most commonly used to connect buildings. This includes workstations, printers, CCTV Cameras, sensors, devices, or anything else that needs to be connected. We provide P2P Wireless installation with everything you need to enable connectivity between two or more locations where physical cabling is impractical. Challenging location? Let’s talk solutions!

Network Configuration

Supporting a network is at the heart of network configuration. To effectively support your network, you need to properly configure it for data integrity, redundancy, security, and improved stability.  Proper router, host, and software configuration means you can identify vulnerabilities and implement processes to keep your network secure. Moreover, network configuration includes Internet/network sharing, supporting software/application installation, and firewall installation/configuration. You can count on us to get you up and running, quickly!

Wi-Fi Router and Mesh Setup and Installations

We enjoy installing mesh network systems for our customers because of the immediate gratification it provides with seamless roaming capabilities as you move from one coverage zone to the other within your building/office space. You can enjoy the convenience of only requiring one network with one name and password throughout your building—that means that as you move about your office, you’ll never have to manually switch from one network to the other and not have to worry about buffering, poor performance, or a dropped connection.

Backup and Security

Backup and Security


We design, maintain, and support backup and recovery for your organization, ensuring your backup cycles and interrelated software are attuned to your business and application requirements. We will work with you to ensure your customized solutions are just right for your organization’s unique requirements.


  • Internal, portable, and cloud-based backup
  • Security and compliance audits
  • Network audits and remediation
  • Priority disaster data recovery
  • Firewalls