IT Story Time – Outside the Box

IT “Story Time” doesn’t sound like the most captivating publication, but I promise I won’t bore anyone by going on ad infinitum with technical drivel. I’d like to recount a very frustrating experience with a very satisfying outcome. I was called in to a manufacturer to solve a daily server crash issue. The client complained that the server would routinely go down three times every day and, as a result, halt production, shipping/receiving, and accounting. The down time would disrupt their business to the tune of thousands of dollars per day. In addition to having to restart their server and a bunch of other equipment each time, data integrity was suffering with the incomplete accounting entries resulting from abrupt disconnections. I went in after hours so I could work autonomously without impeding their operation more than it was already being interrupted. I spent a considerable amount of time diagnosing every piece of hardware on the network, and despite being there for a full eight hours after 5pm, nothing went wrong! The bane of every technician, service person and mechanic, is the elusive bug that hides the moment you start looking for it! It’s like cockroaches when you turn the lights

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