Corporate IT Admins commonly display superiority complexes and insubordinate or non-productive behavior due to their mastery of the critical systems that run the business. It can seem like a hostage situation for any employer and, despite the great risk to the corporate mechanism and data, sometimes they need to be shown to the door.

This can be a game of “Russian Roulette”. The level of access required by IT is their greatest weapon. They must be unarmed before the axe comes down and should never be attempted without the help of a professional.

I have been called in to aid in this tenuous situation a number of times. Timing is critical and the “devil’s in the details!”  Remember that the door might separate a regular employee from their office desk, but the IT person exists in a virtual world!

Some of the administrator-level authentication usernames, email addresses, passwords, and possible two-level authentication settings have to be secured before the fact. A few other considerations are:

  –  Routers and Access Points

  –  VPN Authentication

  –  Domain Registrars and Website Administration

  –  Internet and Email Hosting Services

  –  Security Certificate Providers

  –  Software Licenses

  –  Security System Access

  –  IP Telephony Admin

  –  Business Device Access and Recovery

  –  Cloud Server Access

This is not a full list of requirements to ensure your company’s information is safe and secure, but it does drive home the point. Each business can have very different system requirements which involve a lot more administrative access.

It is highly recommended to have an inconspicuous audit of your corporation before it’s necessary that will give your a comprehensive list of the required administrative accesses to help you plan ahead and feel secure. This is just one of the services that Lantex Ltd. provides which can be done without creating suspicion.

The final process of turning over control can be done in a matter of 15 minutes and, if properly coordinated, can coincide with the final HR meeting. By no means should a dismissed IT be allowed to leave the building before external access is shut down.

All of this might sound a bit paranoid, but it happens all the time and always comes as a surprise. Besides… the IT guy could get hit by a bus at any time and you’re just as screwed. It never hurts to be prepared!